Originally from Rochester, NY, I grew up fascinated with music. I can remember listening to vinyl records, listening to songs over and over, wondering why the singers never got tired – at least, I was exhausted from singing along to them and figured they must feel the same. My parents had great taste and set the stage for my path.

Front Range Instrument Repair was born from my life long love of music and remains apparent in each completed service. How to optimize the result is the primary objective, always.

At age 13, I began to play guitar and hacked my way along, despite regular lessons 😉 As time wore on, I had some great experiences with local groups that were given some great opportunities to play, record and travel. I was attracted to more aggressive music, but I also sang in high school choir and played in jazz band. Once I got to college and began to expand my theory knowledge and playing experiences, my equipment began to fall apart, I was too broke to pay someone and my self-education began (with guidance from experienced friends and techs).silver-trumpet

Upon graduation from college, I, like some, had actually become disenchanted with what I’d thought I wanted to be “when I grew up”, This led me back to ultimate passion, music, managing a music store, playing, recording and traveling in another group, working on solo material and, beginning to apprentice in the brass and woodwind repair and restoration trade.

In 1999, I visited Colorado and my seduction to the state was instant. I’d also begun to miss my parents, who had relocated once they were empty-nesters. I planned my move shortly thereafter and actualized it in 2001. I worked as the lead and sole technician for a company and in 2005 decided to create my own company.

euphonium_invertOctober 5, 2005, was the day I moved into Guitars Etc. and began to operate. I’ve been operating inside this store since and my overflow is completed at my home shop, also in Longmont. The wealth of knowledge, friendly and helpful people are what motivate me to do my best each and every day. The relationship I have with my local community and farther reaching client base has been very rewarding.

On a personal note, when not providing my services, I am still musically active, working with my primary group, Monkey Fire, recording, and performing. I also have strong ties in NY, in which I record with old comrades that happen to be fantastic musicians, and remote record with others I’ve met over the years. I love to cook, grilling in particular. Preparing food is relaxing and cathartic. The smell of sauteeing garlic in butter, alone, can assist in my centering. Colorado has a lot of beauty to experience. Despite the aromas of the kitchen and the wonders that surround me daily, music is always first and foremost on my mind and in my heart.