Jun 04, 2016 0

Welcome to Front Range Instrument Repair

Here’s the beginning of a new chapter of a rewarding story. trumpet sheet musicIt really began because so many fantastic things have happened already…. milestones passed, dreams dreamt, goalposts greeted.

The big news for today, I suppose, is that Front Range Instrument Repair is expanding at light speed. A few things have occurred in the very recent past and have put my company in the position of stepping into a new era. More employees, more work and more of a public presence. This website is a reflection of that last bit.

Please stay tuned, as there will be stories to share with you that I hope will entertain and inform you. I’ve always placed great value on education and, since playing an instrument can teach us about life and the soulful parts of being human, we’ll have a good time together. Of course, it’s best to see you in person, but the website can stitch distances together just fine.

Whether you have a busted up clarinet in the attic or a distressed tuba in the garage, don’t leave your “axe” collecting dust. It could be a simple trick or two for me to perform to get you making beautiful music with a reliable instrument in no time. Stop by or give us a shout.

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